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Shift from Surviving to Thriving

Inner Development Goals

The Inner Development Goals are a framework for personal growth and transformation with global sustainability at their heart. You can learn more about the IDGs in the short video below.

IDG Framework

The IDGs offer a way of identifying, understanding and developing the necessary skills for inner development. The IDGs are an open source framework which identify 5 core dimensions and 23 skills which serve as a roadmap to develop our inner lives to catalyse outer change.


Build the knowledge and skills to truly thrive in this 6-session programme. Each session will help you build habits and practices to support wellbeing and growth for you and those around you.

Being – Deepening your relationship with body, thoughts and feelings to develop inner calm, presence and well-being.


Thinking – Exploring different perspectives and ways to make sense of the world and enhance wise decision making.


Relating - Caring for ourselves, others and the world, with empathy and compassion to build a sustainable society.


Collaborating - Working together to build understanding and trust and developing creative solutions to build a sense of community.


Taking Action - Taking actions that are congruent with our values and implementing sustainable practices in our lives whilst inspiring others to do the same.


Integrating – Sharing reflections and celebrating successes to keep the momentum going beyond our sessions.

About your Facilitators

This bilingual programme is co-developed and co-facilitated with Sophie Le Dorner, founder of the Luxembourg, Learning in the Flow of Life IDG Hub. You can read more about Sophie and her work on her website.


Kate is an EAMBA registered mindfulness teacher and coach with over 25 years’ experience supporting leaders, parents and individuals step into a live of thriving.


Sophie is a learning designer and expert in behavioural skills with over 25 years’ experience supporting positive growth in both corporate environments and educational institutions.

Next Course

Dates:                   First Semester: 9th October, 6th November, 4th December 2024

                                Second Semester: 8th January, 5th February, 5th March 2025


Where:                 Club Haus Am Becheler, Bereldange, LUXEMBOURG


Fees:                     €225 for Autumn/ Winter Season (Being, Thinking, Relating).

                                €225 for Winter/ Spring Season (Collaborating, Taking action, Integration)

                                SPECIAL RATE: If you book all 6 sessions together, benefit from a special price of €400

Booking:                 Contact Club Haus Am Becheler via phone: 33 40 10 or email:

Or contact Kate or Sophie to reserve your place

Bespoke IDG Solutions

If you are interested in speaking more about how the THRIVE programme could support you and your organisation, or would like to explore a tailored solution I would love to talk.

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