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A short Body Scan meditation, typically used in Equine Facilitated Learning sessions to help us reconnect with the sensations, wisdom and insight of our own body.

Click on the link to play in Soundcloud

Breathing Space Meditation

A short Breathing Space meditation, offering opportunity for a mindful pause in the business of your day.

This Breathing Space meditation is a bit like a suitcase - it’s portable - you can take it with you wherever you go. And in the suitcase you can pack valuable resources to support you on your travels. Click on the link to play in Soundcloud

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Self-Compassion Break

A reflective practice modeled on the self-compassion break which invites you to shine some healing SUNlight on your suffering, employing the acronym sun as an aid to structure our meditation.


We begin by first acknowledging our suffering, then recognising the unity of our shared humanity and we end by nurturing ourselves  through soothing touch and kind words.   Click on the link to play in Soundcloud

Thoughts and Sounds Meditation

After exploring our changing soundscape with friendly curiosity, we are invited to consider our thoughts as clouds in the sky. 


Just like the clouds, our thoughts can sometimes be light and fluffy, sometimes dark and heavy, but always impermanent, always just passing through.
Click on the link to play in Soundcloud

Forest Meditation

A tranquil and rejuvenating visualisation meditation, inspired by nature, which invites you to pause, ground, and soak up the wisdom and inspiration of the forest.  Click on the link to play in Soundcloud.

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