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Realise Well-Being Holistic Coaching Programmes

Realise your inner harmony through my unique blend of coaching, mindfulness, EFL and energy healing.

REALISE 7-Session Coaching Programme

During my signature Realise programme you will learn practical tools to feel calm, centred, powerfully present and re-energised. 

Realise your inner harmony through my unique blend of coaching, mindfulness, nature-based therapy and energy healing.

The programme involves seven 90-minute sessions which can take place in person, on Zoom or a blend of the two to suit your preferences.

However we meet, our sessions will be infused with compassion, insight and nature-based wisdom. You also have the option for our programme to culminate with a nurturing Reiki session to integrate your learning and healing journey.

Each session we have the opportunity to explore a specific theme. Although every programme is unique, depending on your individual hopes and intentions for attending, common themes include:

  • Reflect - getting clear on your starting point and strengths and how these establish a firm foundation for you to work towards your intentions

  • Embody – learning mindfulness practices for every day life to help us come back to the present moment through the gateways of body and breath

  • Arrive and allow - fully stepping into the present moment of your life, bringing kindness to yourself and the entirety of your experience

  • Love and compassion - exploring loving kindness, compassion and connection to self and others

  • Inhabit & inspire - stepping into belonging in your authentic self and tuning into what brings you joy and fulfilment and from that place being an inspiration to others

  • Surrender to source - connecting with a wider, purpose, meaning and mission

  • Evolve, exhale, explore - taking forward your outward mission. What do you need to let go of to flourish? What will nurture you on your onward journey


Begin your transformational journey to realise well-being now. 


Sessions can be scheduled to suit your diary and organised on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


You choose whether you prefer sessions in-person, on-line or a mix of the two. For our face-to-face sessions, you will experience the rejuvenating benefit of time in nature, either working alongside my herd of wise equines or in the beautiful Bambesch forest.  Our video coaching sessions can be held over Zoom, Skype WhatsApp or FaceTime video.


The programme offers an opportunity to realise well-being in all aspects of your life: mind, body and spirit. The investment for the programme is €820 for seven private sessions, totalling 10.5 hours of transformational 1-2-1 coaching.

Arrange your no-obligation clarity call to find out more about how I can support you to realise well-being.


Harness The Power of Intention
Bring Your Dreams to Fruition

During this inspiring creative session you will have opportunity to:

  • Follow my own six step VISION process to stimulate creativity & clarity

  • Get clear on what’s important to you

  • Harness the power of your intuition to find authentic inspiration

  • Create your own unique and compelling Vision Board to take away


Sessions can also be scheduled to suit your diary.  The session is a half-day and can be run as a group or one-to-one event.  Contact Kate find out the date of the next scheduled course or to book your own private session.



Sessions usually take place in person at my home in Bereldange.  This is a creative and hands-on day and if you attend in Bereldange all materials will be provided.  The event can also be held over Zoom.  If you prefer to participate via video call I will provide a list of suggested materials for you to collect prior to the session.


Suggested contribution is €75 per person for a group event. 


Contact me to organise your own event for a group of friends or discuss rates for an individual private session. 

Vision Board 2020.JPG
Vision Board.jpg
Vision Board 2011 - Discover ME v2.jpg

What previous clients say about their life coaching programme

“I am more energized, more focused and more determined to achieve my goals.”

"I think after attending I am more aware of things which are important for me.”

"Since our sessions, I have noticed that I have become more confident in approaching people and also being able to say 'no'."


Tailored Programmes For Unique Clients

Don't see what you are looking for?  We are all unique and I love working with clients to develop bespoke programmes which meet individual needs.  Contact me to find out more about how I can support you or to book a no-obligation get acquainted 'clarity call'.

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