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- Do you feel there are not enough hours in the working day or struggle to achieve work/life balance?

- Would you like to feel more skillful when managing conflict in your team, with your manager or with major stakeholders?

- Do you yearn for a way of leading that feels true to yourself?

Realise's Mindful Leadership Coaching approach will help you address these key concerns and more by:

- Being more aware, and present in your daily life, moment to moment, helping you make wise choices about how you focus your attention and energy.

- Tuning into what is unsaid, the unspoken needs and motivations of others, in challenging communications to help you compassionately manage conflict.

- Quieting the busy mind and pausing the ‘to do lists’ and schedules to create a place of calm where you can connect with your guiding values. 

Once you have this clarity, you are empowered to take steps to realise your true leadership potential.



At Realise, I support leaders to access their authentic leadership style.  When we are true to ourselves, this shines through and inspires others. By connecting with what is important to us, we navigate with clarity from our own internal compass.  This enables is to serve as a credible and motivating guide to those we are leading. 


Realise's track record of coaching business leaders over 20 years has demonstrated, time and again, that being clear on our own values enables us to step into our authentic leadership power. It also helps us to connect with how we can best serve our organisation and wider community as leaders.


To find out more about how you can access your own authentic leadership style through mindful leadership coaching, get in touch to book your first session or to arrange for a 20 minute no obligation get acquainted call.

I also offer a range of innovative coaching programmes which can be tailored to meet your unique goals. Click here to find out more about our Clarity and Congruence Leadership coaching programmes

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