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As a skilled and experienced leadership coach, I regularly help leaders realise their goals in areas such as:

  • Balancing workload, stress and resources to achieve well-being

  • Skillfully resolving conflict in teams, managing upwards and working with major stakeholders

  • Leading with authenticity, congruence and presence

  • Being more aware, focussed and present in daily life, helping you to make wise choices about how you focus your attention and energy

  • Learning skills and practices to calm the busy mind, pausing the ‘to do lists’ and creating space to connect with your guiding values


I will support you to connect with an inner sense of clarity and calm so you are empowered to take the steps to fully realise your leadership potential.

As a qualified Action Learning Facilitator with training in Solutions-Focussed Reflective Teams practice, I also offer over 20-years’ experience facilitating both teams and diverse groups of leadership learners in collaborative group learning processes.


I'd love to talk about how I can support your team or organisation to realise insight and achieve objectives.



At Realise, I support leaders to access their authentic leadership style.  When we are true to ourselves, this shines through and inspires others. By connecting with what is important to us, we navigate with clarity from our own internal compass.  This enables is to serve as a credible and motivating guide to those we are leading. 


My track record of coaching business leaders over 25 years has demonstrated, time and again, that being clear on our own values and being on our own side through a mindful and self-compassionate approach enables us to step into our authentic leadership power. It also helps us to connect with how we can best serve our organisation and wider community as leaders.


To find out more about how you can access your own authentic leadership style through mindful leadership coaching, get in touch to book your first session or to arrange for a 20 minute no obligation get acquainted call.

I also offer a range of innovative coaching programmes which can be tailored to meet your unique goals. Click here to find out more about our Clarity and Congruence Leadership coaching programmes


What Clients Say

“Kate has a huge knowledge about management/leadership/people skills and always shares interesting and relevant models backed up by suggestions for reading/links to talks and sets useful tasks.  I value the time I spend in sessions with Kate and her ability to provide positive feedback and reassurance and generally end a session in a more positive frame of mind.”

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