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Mindful Organisations

The benefits of mindfulness for physical and mental health are well established and the impact of mindfulness on well-being at work is a current growth area for research. 


A recent review of the scientific literature concludes that mindfulness is fundamentally connected to many aspects of how we function effectively in the workplace specifically in three key areas:

  • Wellbeing

  • Relationships

  • Performance


Work-based mindfulness programmes are being shown to have a positive impact on both employee well-being and productivity in a range of sectors including Banking, Health Care, Education and even the UK Parliament.  I would love to support you to reap the rewards for your organisation.

A Trusted Mindfulness Professional


Here is what some recent clients have to say about their experience of working with Realise.

MBSR Attendee

“I have learned how to manage stress more effectively and reengaged with informal and formal mindfulness.  I have felt more validated as a leader or more generally in my working life which has improved my performance.  I have discovered a sense of confidence that I feel has been missing for a while, this has empowered me find a new job. “

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